Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yum - Anzac cookies

So I'm a little tardy in posting these up......
but regardless of the date these lovelies are enjoyed anytime of the year however you will find special significance on and around Anzac days for countless Aussies and Kiwis.
Anzac day falls on the 25th April every year and is a day of rememberence for those that gave their lives in world war 1 especially at Gallipoli, Turkey in  1915.
Apparently these little treats were sent to loved ones to keep the spirits up and as a reminder that they were sorely missed back home!
Well that's my recollection anyway...I'm sure the is a much more historical and factual account!!

Of course my monkeys love the standard anzac cookie but in an attempt for an healthy option I tried
these little babies via The Healthy Chef ...Therese is awesome!!
With my own take on them of course ... love a choc drizzle !
Reminds me a bit of "Kingstons" the ultimate treat in the cookie tin when I was growing up!

busted !

BEEN TOTALLY CAUGHT UP ON PINTEREST...please except my apologies!!
Can't quite believe it's half way through the year and that means summer and Christmas will be here before we know it....I truly hope so as its soooo wintery and miserable (weather wise) here in Sydney at the moment!
Chicken pie for dinner tonight...and in honor of all things chicken here (sorry for those i may have offended!) is a shot of the most gorgeous chicken I have ever laid eyes on....he was just so gorgeous but a little bit shy!!